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Since 1968, Wamco has quickly grown to become the world leader in advanced light sciences and lighting solutions and components. Since the beginning, we have been proudly serving the military, defense, aerospace, industrial, and medical industries.

Initially established in 1968 as the North American supplier of Oshino subminiature lamps, Wamco has grown over the past several decades into a trusted and leading provider of lighting solutions to the aerospace, automotive, and medical markets worldwide.
Wamco's ingenuity and vision steadily brought the company much deserved growth and success, and by 1980, it had become the leader in the development of high-contrast filters. In 1982, Wamco developed the first NVIS filter for incandescent technology. It was the beginning of a new era - "owning the night". Wamco's expertise and participation in the development of many specifications has led cockpit lighting designs for almost every military platforms. Wamco continued to excel in this realm, constantly engineering new products and offering a wide assortment of high-quality standard and custom filters designed specifically to maximize the performance of light sources, while minimizing interference with night-vision goggles.
Today, Wamco serves its customers through three distinct business units: Wamco Optical Products, Wamco Displays, and Wamco Lighting. Wamco Optical Products offers cutting-edge technologies and solutions in NVIS materials and optical components. Wamco Displays designs and manufactures Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display modules for harsh environments, while Wamco Lighting continues to supply high reliability lighting products such as, Direct Filament Displays (KW), Wamco Lamps (WL), LED solutions, and Oshino Lamps (OL) worldwide.


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