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The MYGOFLIGHT standard means you can rest easy knowing that our products are built with the highest level of advanced engineering, premium functionality and sophisticated design. From the kneeboard, to all of the different iPAD mounts, cases, cradles, flight bags, luggage, anti-glare glass, to the very FIRST head up display for general aviation.

April 3, 2010 the very first iPad was released, on April 4, MGF was created from the need to secure the iPad in cockpit. Co-Founder and CEO Charles Schneider is an instrument rated pilot that was able to envision the major role that the iPad was going to play in aviation. The first iPad Kneeboard was an all metal case that secured the iPad and was strapped to Charlie's leg. Friends, colleagues, and other pilots saw the kneeboard and needed one for themselves. And the rest is history.
7 years later, MGF continues to pride itself on manufacturing and marketing the very best products for using the iPad and other devices safely and securely in many of the pursuits of active people. Pilots, drivers, boaters, cyclists, and for every other person using the power of technology in their life, MGF provides products and accessories to make greater use of the iPad, iPhone and other devices.
MGF's initial focus was on meeting the needs of aviators for the use of the iPad in-flight in the cockpit of airplanes. Having met these very demanding requirements, they now bring the same precision products to meet the needs of people in many other disciplines.
MGF is known to provide premium quality and cool looking products that deliver both function and form. They are also known for their high level of customer service and for standing by every product they make. . They are proud of all of their products and strive to make their customers proud to own MGF products.


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