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EAM Worldwide offers life vests, rafts, slides, survival kits, and RFID solutions that integrate industry standards for safety equipment.

EAM Worldwide delivers high-quality safety equipment and technology to help ensure the survival and well-being of each passenger and crew member. Providing exceptional client service to the aviation and marine industries, EAM also helps support the financial and operational sustainability of each client. From attentive client service, competitive pricing and fast repair and maintenance turnarounds, EAM always considers the optimal savings it can provide its clients. With the latest RFID technology and innovation in its customized life vests, rafts, and kits, EAM delivers on its promise.
EAM Worldwide, along with all of its divisions, continuously upholds the highest standards for quality and service of its comprehensive line of safety and survival products. With over 30 authorized repair stations worldwide, we ensure our superior standards are reflected by providing the necessary training and ensuring compliance with EAM and FAA standards.
EAM Worldwide, the leader in aviation and marine survival equipment, proudly announces the receipt of the prestigious and recognition for excellence in systems and process management.

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