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STC Manual
©2014 Whelen Engineering Company Inc.
Form No.14793C (102715)
information provides guidelines for the installation of the
Whelen LED PAR Lights listed above. Please refer to the
OEM manual for your aircraft for specific removal and
installation instructions.
1. Choose the appropriate replacement light assembly.
Note: It is not required to change all PAR lights or
Taxi lights to the new LED PAR lights.
2. Place the lighting switch in the OFF position.
3. Inspect the housing, attachment points and retainer
for any signs of abnormal wear or damage.
4. Loosen or remove the hardware holding the lamp in
place. Take steps to ensure the retainer doesn't fall
from the lamp assembly before it is ready to be
5. Place retainer screws in a safe place.
6. Remove the lamp from the holder.
7. Note there are two wires connected to the (existing)
lamp. Using a multi-meter, identify the negative wire
by measuring continuity to ground. Place a piece of
black electrical tape around the wire identified as
ground. This is your negative lead.
8. Identify the positive wire as the remaining wire lead.
The LED light assembly is polarity sensitive,
however you will not damage the unit by reversing
the polarity.
9. While holding the lamp, loosen the screws holding
the attached wires. Remove each wire from the
Model Part # Style Application Weight* VDC* Input Current*
P36P1L 01-0771833-10 PAR36 Landing 0.52 lbs. 14VDC 1.36 Amps
P36P1T 01-0771833-15 PAR36 Taxi 0.52 lbs. 14VDC 1.36 Amps
P36P2L 01-0771833-20 PAR36 Landing 0.52 lbs. 28VDC 0.68 Amps
P36P2T 01-0771833-25 PAR36 Taxi 0.52 lbs. 28VDC 0.68 Amps
P46P1L 01-0790750-10 PAR46 Landing 1.00 lbs. 14VDC 2.60 Amps
P46P2L 01-0790750-20 PAR46 Landing 1.00 lbs. 28VDC 1.25 Amps
10. Secure the LED Light, note the terminal markings
for positive and negative, attach the negative
marked wire to the negative side terminal post of the
LED Light.
11. Attach the positive wire to the positive side terminal
post. Remove tape or temporary placard which
identified the polarity of the wiring inside the
12. If required, install the rubber gasket included with
your new LED Light around the LED Light assembly.
A light application of a common hand soap on the
rubber may aid in its fit into the light housing.
13. Place the LED light into the housing ensuring the
key (of the assembly) matches the key of the
housing. Proper orientation of the lamp is necessary
for beam orientation to be left and right of centerline
while in operation. For a Taxi light, the ‘lines’ of the
inner optic should be orientated vertically to produce
a horizontal light beam.
14. Secure the retainer. Care should be taken to tighten
the screw only to the point the retainer does not turn
with hand pressure. Over-tightening may stress the
polycarbonate lens of the LED Light.
15. Place the light switch in the ON position and verify
proper operation of the Whelen LED lamp.
16. Determine that the Landing or Taxi light
characteristics have not been substantially affected,
per 14CFR 23.1383.
17. Update records in accordance with 14CFR 91.407.